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February 6, 2012
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1. Eating Glows
2. Bubbly pie goes splat (in someone's face)
3. Trundle with the Trundle Bugs
4. Bloodletting for Wherlets
5. Gather Fun!
6. Hatching Time!
7.  First Flight
8. A candidate midnight rendevouz
9. Flaming Thread
10. Flying high
11. Chore Duty
12. Swimming with Shipfish
13. Bountiful Egss
14. Corraling the herdbeast
15. Forever Mine
16. Runner Races!
17.  Harper's Dance
18. Frolicking with friends
19. Fly With Me
20. We go together, Mine
21. Too Much Klah
22. We the Hold Folk
23. A Lord's gotta do what a Lord's gotta do
24. My Craft
25. Those of the Dark
26. Beneath the Dawn Sisters
27. Run Run Run! Thread has Come!
28. Tunnelsnake Trouble
29. Oh Shards
30. Colors
31. Protect Me
32. Candidates Can Party Too!
33. Female and Proud of It
34. Weyrlings are Rampant
35. Getting into Trouble
36. A Healer's Duty
37. Fight and Defend
38. Exploring
39. I'm Yours; You're Mine
40. Black, Blacker, Blackest
41. I Outrank You!
42. I Wanna be a Harper
43. Flames
44. Disaster Strikes
45. It's...Complicated
46. My Craft is Better
47. Seriously?
48. Sibling Rivalry
49. Egg Touching
50. Sharding Hot Sands!
51. There's No Stronger Bond
52. Peace at Last
53. Things that Glow in the Night
54. I Love You
55. No Other Choice
56. Wherry Hunt
57. The Child in Me
58. Firelizard(s)
59. Swim with Me
60. A Good Oiling
61. No Such Thing (As too Much Wine)
62. Dancing
63. Sing Me a Song
64. Sleep Little Hatchlings
65. Looking My Best
66. A Little Wild
67. Starstones
68. Wings in the Sky
69. Drifting
70. Crunchy Firestone
71. Tunnelsnake Toss
72. Voices in My Head
73. You Can't Fly! (wher)
74. Dragonless
75. Wherless
76. We Bleed Green
77. The Bond
78. It's Called Tag
79. An Heir's Duty
80. Broken Shells and Broken Hearts (those left standing after a Hatching)
81. A Right of Passage (weyrbrats sneaking onto the sands to see the eggs)
82. A Gather
83. Welcome to the Family
84. With Sweat and Blood and Tears, I Made This
85. Those Troublesome Twos
86. Silence is Golden
87. A Lady's Jewels
88. Simple Pleasures
89. A New Home (A new Candidate's first time at the Weyr)
90. Saving Grace (AKA Saving a Goldrider)
91. A precious gift (A new baby)
92. Joys of Search
93. Expression of the Heart
94. Aerobatics
95. Joining the Ranks
96. Infirmary
97. Stuck!
98. Stuffy Records
99. Bathing Time
100. One of the Same
These themes are a collaboration effort by:
--Lysita of Valyrium Weyr
--Arielle of Valyrium Weyr
--GoldriderKeistra of Valyrium Weyr
--Lena of Estonei Weyr

The themes with a description in ( )s beside it are suggestions--you don't HAVE to do it that way <3

If you decide to do this.... I would love to see what you come up with! If you put this list elsewhere, please link back to this original so people know where to find it and see who created this list.

The original idea of 100 Themes is by ~y0umin. I thought a Dragonriders of Pern-themed one would be fun!
DanaPhantom Featured By Owner May 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I can't believe this hasn't gotten more likes and views! This is an awesome idea, and hopefully my participation can help spread it!
HeartofPern Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
*shrug* A lot of things get overseen, so I'm glad you saw/like this! :eager: I sure hope so! What do you plan on doing with these themes? <3 I was fooling around the idea for having some prizes to those who finish these themes or something, but wasn't sure.
DanaPhantom Featured By Owner May 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aww, you don't have to give me a prize. I do art for the fun of doing art. I'm probably going to do most of them based around the RP forum I've been on for the past several months. You'll probably hear about Red River in the near future, since the reason I found you was because one of my fellow members was considering doing a commission or two.
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